SERVICES "Custom Tailored"

Gibraltar Management Ltd. is a fully licensed, fully equipped and fully insured management company that specializes in Residential Strata Management serving Sidney to Victoria. We offer a wide range of services that can be custom tailored to match the needs of your Strata. Our standard management services include the following:

  • Preparation and distribution of General Meeting Notices
  • Attendance at Annual General Meeting
  • Preparation of annual operating budget
  • Chairing General Meetings in accordance with the Strata Property Act and Corporation Bylaws
  • Maintaining all Strata Corporation records as per the Strata Property Act
  • Maintiaing separate operating, contingency and special levy accounts
  • Providing monthly financial management reports to the strata council
  • Providing monthly Bank reconciliations
  • Reviewing and paying all invoices on behalf of the strata corporation
  • Mailing or emailing of original invoices from suppliers monthly to council
  • Invoicing and collecting of strata fees and special levies
  • Accrual accounting using QuickBooks Premier
  • Notifying council of any delinquent accounts and subject to council approval, collection of deliquent accounts
  • 24 hour emergency phone response
  • Providing Council with contact information for various service providers, if requested
  • Promptly returning all calls from all residents
  • Assisting Councils in following the guidelines specified in the Strata Property Act
Additional, custom tailored management services are also available as follows:
  • Minute taking for all Council and General Meetings attended by the Strata Manager
  • Preparation of Council Meeting Agendas
  • Letter writing to Owners on behalf of the Strata Council
  • Annual review of all supplier contracts
  • Assisting Councils in scheduling of annual re-curring maintenance
  • Attendance of Council Meetings
  • Administering and management of storage locker and parking spaces
Our management fees are the most competitive in the Victoria area, while maintaining high standards, high levels of service owners and strata councils require and deserve. In fact, our pricing is unique to the Greater Victoria area with our customized management services. Call our office today for more details. Gibraltar Management works for the Corporation under the guidance and discretion of the strata council.

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