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    The cost of a Form B – Information Certificate is $35.00 plus GST. There is also a charge of $0.25 per copy (this includes an electronic copy) for all strata documents.

    Sectioned Stratas will require 2 Form Bs one for each section.

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    24 Months of Strata Council Minutes and NoticesSpecific Date Range of Strata Council Minutes and NoticesNo Minutes

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    We will contact you once your request is processed with the total amount owing. Payment is required before we can release the requested documents.

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    Please upload either a copy of the signed listing agreement, authorization to obtain strata document form or written authorization from the home owner as per Section 36 (1) (c ) of the Strata Property Act. You will need to upload some form of signed authorization from the homeowner to submit your request.

    Access to records

    1. (1)On receiving a request, the strata corporation must make the records and documents referred to in section 35 available for inspection by, and provide copies of them to,

      • (a)an owner,
      • (b)a tenant who, under section 147 or 148, has been assigned a landlord's right to inspect and obtain copies of records and documents, or
      • (c)a person authorized in writing by an owner or tenant referred to in paragraph (a) or (b).

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